Elegance Car

A story of three Generations

"The golden age of the automobile"

Everything began with the birth of Georges Lefevre in June 1900. Passionate about mechanics and beautiful American cars from a very young age, Georges opened his garage in 1924 and became one of the first General Motors dealers in Belgium. Official distributor of Opel, Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac, the “Garage Lefevre” became a success.

"Spa Francorchamps”

In 1950 and after brilliant studies his son Louis succeeded him. Having a consuming passion for motorsports, Louis entered competitions in 1953 and in the same year won his first race behind the wheel of an Opel Kapitan on the legendary Spa Francorchamps circuit.

In 1955, at the motor show in Paris, Louis was attracted by the German Borgward cars and became a dealer within the same year. Alongside his work, he continued racing and won the Belgian hill climb championship in 1957 behind the wheel of a Borgward Isabella. He also won several touring car Grand Prix on circuits ahead of his direct competitors such as Lucien Bianchi, Fritz Jüttner and Bill Blydenstein. Backed by a reputation of an outstanding driver and mechanic the Garage Lefevre reached international clientele.

"The third Generation"

In 1982, Frederic was born. He learned the motor trade at a very young age with his father who was considered a “wizard of the automobile.” Bitten by the passion of the family Frederic inherited a rich savoir-faire in mechanics, bodywork and car sales. Despite an unconditional love for the craft, Frederic noticed that the mechanical field in which he was born was undergoing a significant technological change with the arrival of electronics. A trade losing its authenticity and at the mercy of computers encouraged Frederic to step back and realize a dream of travelling.

In 2009 he spent a year travelling on the American continent and began a journey of twenty thousand kilometers during which he experienced an epiphany that initiated the birth of Elegance Car.

Back in France a friend and old client, expressed his disappointment of not finding the attention and the quality service he had received at the Garage Lefevre and feeling like being a number on a waiting list to purchase a model with a precise set of specifications. A customer who felt that a car must be like himself, an amateur rather than just a consumer, an esthete! Frederic felt concerned. He prospected the European market to find the desired model and thus started to select the top suppliers, now enabling him to respond quickly to the most demanding expectations.